I'm a scientist by day, and craftsman by night and weekend.

Woodworking is more than my hobby, it’s my passion. There is something special about a piece of raw wood – born in nature, it exudes beauty, strength and endurance. It inspires me to preserve such characteristics while creating quality and thoughtful pieces that will be passed from generation to generation. I invite you to view this site, gather inspiration and let me create the next Endgrain piece for you and your family.

-Jonathon Green, Maker + Founder

The trifecta: Hand crafted. Solid wood. Made in the good 'ol USA - Geneva, Illinois to be exact.

An alternative to the mass produced, veneered and laminated furniture, Endgrain is your solution for creating custom generational pieces. When you buy Endgrain, you invest in quality and craftsmanship. Cut and built by hand, Endgrain designs are of solid wood, a characteristic which conveys the pieces’ inherent aesthetics and strength. While creating my designs, I take much pride in their form, structure and details – many of which may go unnoticed, but nonetheless complete the piece. Taken together, these attributes result in a truly exceptional product which will last for generations to come.


Check out my wood works

I welcome you to browse my gallery of wood works for inspiration. This sampling is just the beginning, as both my and your imagination is the limit. No project is too big or small and everything you see is made custom to you, your home and your needs.


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Whether it’s a piece you love from my portfolio, a store catalog, or even your own imagination, I’d love to make it for you. Get in touch and we’ll start from there.